As a neuropsychologist with extensive personal and professional experience with ADHD, I know the importance of strong support networks and quality information. The resources below are some of my favorites--feel free to explore these at your convenience. I hope you enjoy the wealth of knowledge and support they offer.


Helpful Organizations and Websites

Tools, Apps, Gadgets, Etc.

Please note that I only recommend products that I have personally tried and have found to be useful.

In fact, I currently use (and love!) ALL of the below products!

These award-winning timers offer a visual depiction of “time remaining” to help make the abstract concept of time concrete--in other words, they help you see and understand the passage of time. This in turn helps you remained focused and develop a better sense of the passage of time.

You may purchase the Time Timer at their website ( or on Amazon (

There is even a visual version for younger children or those who simply do better with pictures than numbers: (

Reusable notebooks with an embedded shortcut system that allows you to scan (via free app) and send your notes as PDF/JPEGs to specific locations (e.g., email, Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, Evernote, OneNote, and more). Handwriting Recognition (OCR) feature included.


You may purchase all Rocketbook notebooks and accessories at the Rocketbook website ( or on Amazon (

For more information on how the Rocketbook notebooks work: (

Erasable pens, highlighters, and markers that work beautifully with Rocketbook (see above) or traditional paper. I find these especially helpful with planners/calendars and when highlighting/annotating books (I tend to get a little overzealous with the highlighting at first!). This website lists and shows writing examples of all the different types of pens, markers, etc. in the Frixion line: (


You may purchase the entire Frixion line from the Pilot website ( or through Amazon (

There are innumerable note-taking apps and "electronic organizational systems" out there, but Evernote is by far my favorite. The cross-platform service supports text notes, voice recordings, and images (most of which can be recognized and annotated using OCR). It also integrates with just about everything. Additional features that make Evernote stand out include a dedicated Evernote email address (so you can easily forward anything to your account without even opening the app), a browser extension, a fantastic search function, and the ability to organize everything using notebooks, tags, and more.


Helpful Organizations and Websites


Helpful Organizations and Websites

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